Data Cabling

We offer all ranges of hardware data communications cabling, to meet and exceed industries standards, from Voice, Catagory5, Cat5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a/e & Cat7 10Gbit Ethernet and multi core links.

We can supply and fit all terminal outputs from wall sockets, dado rail, floor boxes and floor to ceiling railing. We supply a complete solution tailored to meet your company’s needs for now and whilst also future proofing your company.

We can supply additional 3 pin electrical and commando sockets to accommodate your new data services or just increase existing services.

A total installation service from complete flood wiring of a building, cabling upgrades, audits and moves and changes. Construction of communication rooms, wall cabinets, fixed and freestanding floor cabenets to contain all your networks hardware infrastructure.

All our work is fully validated and guaranteed.